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Method Refined for Micro Determination of Sulfur in Organic and Inorganic Compounds

Published on May 29, 2011 at 9:36 PM

Using methodology refined and validated over many years – Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) is able to offer a routine service for micro determination of Sulfur in organic and inorganic compounds with analytical uncertainty of less than ±0.3% absolute. The Sulfur method is covered by the company’s ISO 17025 and UKAS accreditation.
Analysis of Sulfur at WAS is carried out by combustion of an accurately weighed sample in a silica oxygen flask over an accurately measured volume of aqueous peroxide solution. Combustion of the sample in oxygen yields water-soluble inorganic compounds. Percentage Sulfur is determined by titration with Barium Perchlorate using Thorin screened with Methylene Blue as an indicator. Sets of work typically include certified reference materials or organic analytical standards to monitor detection trends in the method.

Requiring just a few milligrams of sample – the WAS method has been fully validated and is linear from 0.006mg to 1mg Sulfur. WAS has also developed special procedures to remove interferences from samples containing Fluorine, Chromium, Arsenic and metals.

The accurate micro determination of Sulfur in organic and inorganic compounds is of significant interest to a wide array of industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, environmental monitoring and geochemistry.

Warwick Analytical Service is an ISO 17025, UKAS and GMP accredited company dedicated to providing analytical excellence at a realistic cost. Through experienced staff, the latest analytical instrumentation and working closely with clients – Warwick Analytical Service has established a strong reputation for informed personal service and delivering top quality data on time.

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